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From time to time Book and other Reviews have been prepared. They can be accessed below.


Book Reviews

From Little Acorns – A tribute to Alf Ridpath, by Brenda Ridpath

For anyone looking for a little light relief from heavy theological study comes this refreshing little book from Brenda Ridpath on the life of her husband Alf who became the first Chairman of PFI trustees. He was an inspiration to many including the founder of PFI - Ken Burnett. Alf was a wonderful Christian, a man of the Word and a tireless witness for the Lord. He also had a tremendous sense of humour and was often playing tricks on people. Even if he disagreed with you, he made sure that he could still be your friend. A must for anyone wanting to know more of the early days of PFI.    Derek Rous

Jesus Man of Many Names, by Steve Maltz

This is an excellent book and very timely when the credentials of Jesus are under scrutiny as never before. Steve Maltz has managed to combine findings from serious study with wonderful Jewish humour and the result is a book which Christians and possibly some Jewish people will find compelling reading.
Those of us without a Jewish background will be able to ‘get a handle’ on the Jewish mind set thereby helping to end some very real misunderstandings and prejudice which go back centuries.
The style is pacy and the content clearly understandable with the author’s joy and delight in his subject shining through every page, painting a verbal image of the ‘totally Jewish Messiah’ and luring the reader on to fresh discoveries found on almost every page.
Beneath each chapter heading is placed a pertinent question, eg ’How involved was Jesus in the creation of the Universe’, ‘How Jewish was Jesus’ and ‘How did some Jews find Jesus against all the odds?’ Having whetted our appetite with the question the author goes on to inform and enlighten and give the reader much to consider regarding the Jesus of the Scriptures. I heartily recommend this excellent book.     Derek Rous

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