What is PFI all about?

Well, Prayer for Israel (PFI) is a non-denominational Christian ministry which began in 1969 as a response to the growing number of Jewish believers in Jesus (believing / completed Jews in Jesus as Messiah) in Israel after the Six-day war of 1967. Since the pioneering work of the founder Ken Burnett and his wife Lillie, PFI has seen growth in Israel from around two to well over 100 fellowships.


The first concern of PFI is prayer for Messianic and other believers in the Biblical Land of Israel, that they may be saved.


Why become a PFI Prayer Partner?

This is a good question, and when you look at it, there a whole host of reasons why one should be praying for the Jewish people, for Israel, that they all may be saved.


For example, in the Bible, in Psalm 122:6 God instructs us to Pray for (or to enquire about) the peace of Jerusalem – to whom should we direct our enquiry?  To the LORD God, the God of Abraham, Isaac & Jacob, and His Son the Lord Jesus the Messiah (Christ) who is the only mediator between God and mankind.


What does it mean to be a PFI Prayer Partner (PP)?

Signing up to be a PP means that you will receive a Welcome Pack, and a monthly Prayer Bulletin (which has prayer items for fellowships and ministries mainly in Israel), and a quarterly glossy Magazine, with articles, teaching and other items.


Also have a look at the "What we Offer" and "What we Believe" tabs on the About PFI page.


If you think God is leading you, then please do consider becoming a Prayer Partner.


If you click here it will take you to the Prayer Partner enquiry form.